A Quick and Easy Guide to Clean Your Window

A Quick and Easy Guide to Clean Your Window

Window cleaning doesn’t need to be as complicated as we make it. Following, we are giving you a quick guide how to clean your windows, and what tools you need to do it.


If you don’t want any streaks, you have to work like Professional Window Cleaning companies. First, get the right supplies, following are a few examples:

A Quick and Easy Guide to Clean Your Window

Cleaning Agent

Hot Soapy Water is not fancy but it works fin. Add dishwashing liquid to hot water and make a powerful cleaning agent yourself. You can also use a commercial cleaning product.

They are easy to use, and always get the job done, just make sure you read instructions from label, and make sure its especially designed for cleaning glass.

Cleaning Tool

Get a clean and soft cloth. You can get clean rags from old clothes, these buffs nicely while protecting your window against damage. If you have lots of windows, get a squeegee. Make sure it supports a soft trim. Lastly, get a newspaper to buff your windows, and get a good shine.

Best Practices

Windows get dirty over time, they get dusty, and are laced with fingerprints.  However, cleaning a window is not difficult once you know how to do it properly. Following, we are going to share the best practices for a spotless window!

  • Prep the area about your window, remove items, and tie curtains
  • Use cleaners by following the instruction on label. It doesn’t matter when you use simple soap water or a specialized cleaner, don’t apply too much cleaner on the glass
  • Now remove the cleaning agent from window so there are streaks left behind. Use a soft and clean cloth for this purpose. Start at top, and work your way down in circles. Don’t use your kitchen roll, this is not how Professional Window Cleaning companies work

In addition to cleaning your windows, you should also consider repainting your property. This will help you achieve a tidy interior feel. Always look for experienced commercial painters, as novices can cost you dearly.