How to Fertilize a Home Garden Cheaply

How to Fertilize a Home Garden Cheaply

If you want your plants to grow healthy and quickly, fertilizing is the best thing you can do to your home lawn or garden. You can use food products or plants to fertilize your home garden naturally and cheaply. Commercial fertilizers are high in harmful chemicals and can be expensive as well. You can also opt for animal products to fertilize your lawn naturally. If your garden soil is of very poor quality and you can’t afford to fix it on your own, it’s highly recommended that you hire a professional soil removal company. Enviro-Disposal Company is the best name among contaminated soil recycle and removal companies. They are available in all states of New York and New Jersey.

How to Fertilize a Home Garden Cheaply

Fertilizing through food products

Used coffee grounds can serve as a good fertilizer as they are high in good nutrients, such as phosphoric acid, nitrogen, and potash. They are ideal for evergreens, blueberries, roses, azaleas, and fruit trees. You can get used coffee grounds from coffee shops or use your own. You aren’t supposed to use wet grounds as they can mold.

Use banana to fertilize your garden

Bananas are believed to be good for providing potassium for plants, especially roses. All you need is to bury a banana or just the peel next to the plants you want them to grow healthy. After some time, replace the banana with fresh ones to speed up the fertilization.

Egg shells can be of great help

Egg shells are rich in beneficial nutrients such as calcium, phosphoric acid, and nitrogen. Crush them up using an old coffee grinder and scatter them over your lawn soil as a natural fertilizer. This will definitely help you improve your soil for more plant growth.

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