garage door replacement Newport News

How I Replaced Sagging Manual Doors With A Smooth Belt Drive System

My old garage doors were the original wood panel ones that came with the house decades ago. While they gave the space some vintage charm, opening and closing them was a chore. The heavy doors sagged over the years making them nearly impossible for one person to manage. 

I knew it was time for an upgrade but wasn’t sure where to start. Then I learned about belt drive garage door replacements and decided to handle the project myself rather than calling someone for Garage Door Replacement in Newport News.

garage door replacement Newport News

Choosing the New System

I researched different opener options and discovered belt drive systems offered a quiet, smooth operation ideal for my needs. These work by using a toothed belt rather than loud metallic chain or screw drives. I selected a top brand with good online reviews. Installation looked more straightforward than other automated options.

Removing the Old Doors

On the first day, I removed the old track and hardware, then took down each heavy wooden door panel by panel. This was no small feat, but made easier by first detaching them from the top brackets. With help from a friend, we carried out the pile of wood and metal debris.

Installing the Framing

With the empty space ready, I spent the next day installing the necessary framing around the doorway to mount the new tracks, brackets and opener hardware. Making sure everything was level was key to the door functioning properly.

Mounting the New Doors

Once framing was complete, we were able to lift the prefabricated new garage doors into place one by one. These were lightweight steel panels that moved smoothly along smooth-rolling rollers. After securing them with bracket bolts, we trimmed out any gaps with weatherstripping for a quality finished look.

Connecting the Opener

Hooking up the belt drive opener was pretty simple following the instructions. I aligned the toothed belt, connected power and programmed the remote controls. A few test runs proved it opened and closed with near silent smoothness compared to the old manual doors.

The finished project totally transformed my garage. I’m glad I chose to tackle this improvement myself rather than dealing with scheduling repair services. Saving a few bucks was a bonus too. Now I have a properly functioning, automated space that’s so much easier and convenient to use every day.