Garage Door Repair Campbell, Cupertino

4 Signs Your Overhead Garage Door Needs Expert Service

A garage door provides you protection and security. That’s why; it’s essential to add regular garage door repair and maintenance in your routine. Many people use DIY methods for garage door troubleshooting, but there comes a time when your door needs professional service. In this post, we are going to talk about the warning signs that indicate you need to hire professional garage door service.

Garage Door Repair Campbell, Cupertino

Trouble opening and closing

If you are experiencing troubles while opening and closing the door and there are no visible obstacles, you must inspect your door. It is possible that there’s a problem with the controller or the door is off tracks. It’s best to hire expert garage door repair Campbell service to avoid serious safety risks.

Noisy garage door

If your door is producing strange noises while opening and closing, it’s the right time to call an expert technician. Noise can be a common issue with an old door and it is an indicator that there’s some trouble with the motor or springs. If the springs are damaged, hire garage door spring replacement Cupertino service.


If the door is inconsistent in its movement or it shakes when opening and closing, it’s a sign that some moving parts aren’t operating properly or missing. If you will not address a shaking door, it could lead you to serious injuries and damage your property.

Sagging door

If you notice your garage door is sagging, then without wasting time, you should inspect the door yourself. Manually open and close it to see if the springs are working fine. If the door lifts or falls, there’s some issue with the tension spring. This is a major safety risk that you should not ignore. Hire a 24 hour garage door repair service to address this trouble.

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