3 Common Reasons Why Roofs Leak

3 Common Reasons Why Roofs Leak

Do you know what causes a leakage in roof? Following, we are going to describe 3 most common reasons why an apparently healthy roof can start leaking. Follow these points and you can keep your whole roof from falling apart.

Old Age

Sometimes roofing materials including asphalt shingles can get old and worn out. Expansion and contraction with temperature changes can cause the roof to turn into brittle and crack.  With years of harsh sunlight, the tar melts down and it compromises the composition shingles. The roofing materials do run against up their life expectation. So after sometime, it’s wise to set a budget and contact roofing contractors Los Angeles for a new roof.  


Compromised flashing is a common problem on a roof. Flashing are thin strips of metal intersected at danger points to prevent leaks around a roof. When it comes to a chimney, they are bent at 90 degree angle to attach both the roofing material and brick chimney.

Flashing have to be properly sealed to protect against water intrusion. It better be remain nailed in place and is squared away, the metal will rust and crack.

Expect the cost of replacing old flashing will be a couple hundred of dollars. It depends on job size and desired material. It might be tempting to marshal forces of calking and roof cement in battle against faulty flashing. It’s a temporary solution reserved if you know the roof needs replacement soon.

Missing Shingles

If you find a shingle in your garden, the chances are next rainstorm, there are high chances the water will come down dripping on lower floors. Replace a shingle, it’s a matter of prying off the nails from course below and sliding the new shingle into place. Nail the newcomer down securely and re-nail the shingles beside it. If you don’t have any roofing experience, it would be best to call a shingle roofing specialist for a free estimate and analysis of your roof.