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Benefits and Uses of Custom Modular Garage

There are many options to choose from when looking for garage door installation, ranging from add-on to your home to being modular garage alone. The garage can add to the whole look of your home, and increase the value of the property at the same time. Modular garages are built to specifications, to meet any need you have and look much more modern than many of the previous garage styles.

Advantages of Modular Garage

Energy Efficient

Contrary to common belief, a modular garage is much more efficient than a traditional garage. They are built in a climate controlled environment, or wood and insulation is not exposed to the elements. They are also more airtight, resulting in heating or cooling lower bills.


Modular garage is fully customizable. You get to decide garage door replacement Alpine exactly what you want your garage to look like: add a second story, make a wall all the windows, or have a large room with a smaller one in the back for a lab.


The modular garages are built to very high standards. Much larger than the traditional stick built ones. Most garages are modular with a 5 to 10 year warranty, compared to 1 “normal” one year warranty.

Uses for Modular Garages


Modular garage is a fairly inexpensive way to protect your car from weather and vandalism. You can feel safe knowing that no one will steal the car from the garage.

Customizable options make or store any type of vehicle a breeze: make it big enough to accommodate the classic car that is driven only on special occasions, add room to work and you can restore the classic right in your own home where time won’t bother you. It’s your garage, do it as you want, and use it as you need it.

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