earn money with real estate

How to Make Money with Real Estate without Becoming a Realtor

Looking for ways to earn some extra money? Well, anyone can earn money with real estate by recommending properties as a tipster or arranging contacts with property investors.  You can earn a tipster commission of up to 10-percent for each successful recommendation. The right contact at the right time plays a vital role in the success of the real estate business.

earn money with real estate

If you have knowledge about real estate and know a few real estate agents, you can earn money without a brokerage license. There’ are many real estate websites available out there, which offer a real estate recommendation commission program. E1 Holding is one of the most reputed names that you can go with to earn money by recommending real estate. They have been in the real estate business for quite a long time and understand all the ins and outs of the real estate business.

To get started with E1 Holding’s recommendation commission program, you will need to provide them with the contact information of the property owner. If the deal is done due to your recommendation, they will pay you a tip/recommendation commission of 10-percent. Receiving a recommendation commission from E1 Holding is easy and simple. You won’t need to go through any complex procedure. The majority of people working with E1 Holding seem to be very satisfied with the services offered by E1 Holding.

Here’s what they say about their commission program:

‘’We include you as a tipster for the property or the investor in our E1 Investments database. If successful, a source of money will open up for you. We will then ask you to disclose your account details and we will transfer the tipster commission within five working days of receipt of the broker’s commission. The recommendation commission of 10 percent is a gross amount and offers the chance to make money quickly.’’