6 Pillars of a Great Home Decoration

6 Pillars of a Great Home Decoration

Every homeowner wants to decorate his or her home in a unique and impressive way. Understanding the basic pillars of home decoration can go a long way to help such homeowners. According to décor & design experts, there are six pillars or great home decoration.

6 Pillars of a Great Home Decoration


All the elements of your room should be in balance. It means that elements in a room should be spread equally. If you place many items in one portion of the room and few items in the other, the room will look out of balance.

Focus Point

Every room should have a focus point. For example, one of your room might have a fireplace as a focus point while the other might have a nice painting. The placement of the other items should not hinder that focus object.


There should be a harmony in terms of placement of objects. There should be an appropriate distance between the objects so that one can move comfortably in the room.


Every homeowner has unique preferences about color. When choosing a color theme for your home decoration, keep in mind that every color has its own characteristic. For example, shades of blue are considered good for creativity while red is considered a good choice for parties.


To create a rhythm, place important items on all sides of the room. If you place important items on one side and less important items on the other side, it will not create a sense of rhythm.

Proportions and Scale

Choose the size of the objects in proportion to the room and in proportion to the other objects of the room. For example, if you place a small sofa in a large room or a large chandelier in a small room, your room will look out of proportion.