How to Get Rid of Scale Insects on Outdoor Plants

Scale insects can inflict a lot of damage to your outdoor plants if not taken care of in a timely manner. Scale insects are small oval shape insets and they look like small bumps on the leaves and stems of your plants. Because they are very small, they can be quite hard to see. Yellow or dark marks on your plant can be one sign of scale insects.

Your outdoor plants might die soon if you do not get rid of these insects quickly. There are different ways to get rid of scale insects. If you notice the infestation in its early stage, you can separate the infested plants from the rest and prune the infested leafs and stems. You might consider burning the pruned leaves and stems.

How to Get Rid of Scale Insects on Outdoor-Plants

Often, it is difficult to get rid of scale insects for your outdoor plants, especially when the infestation is severe. In such scenarios, you have two choices. Either you can dispose of the plants or you can use a pesticide spray. It is hard to say which of these options is better as it depends on many factors. If the plant is not very costly or seasonal, you might consider discarding the plant. However, if it is a costly or long-life plant, it might be better to consider a pesticide spray.

It is often said that pesticide sprays do more harm than good. However, if you use the organic and environment-friendly spray, it is possible to save your plant without doing any harm to your plants or the environment. In case of a severe insect infestation, you might consider the services of a professional. Professionals can help you identify the infestation of scale insects, and they can also help you in getting rid of these insects by organic spray or other methods.